What to expect when you visit the clinic


At your first consultation Mr Lim will discuss your symptoms and concerns and perform a tailored examination. Further outpatient procedures may be required as part of the diagnosis or treatment of your condition, and these procedures can often be performed in the clinic during your initial appointment. Examples of such procedures include a complete examination of the nose and throat using a high quality endoscope, examination and clearance of the ears using a high powered microscope and specialised equipment, and tests of hearing.

It may be necessary to conduct other investigations, such as x-rays, scans, and blood tests; the results of these tests are typically available within a week of your initial consultation.

Should surgery be required for your condition, your operation will be organised at a time to suit you, without the delays typically associated with NHS waiting lists.

How much it will cost?


We are recognised by all of the main health insurance companies e.g. BUPA, Pruhealth, Aviva, AXA PPP, Simply Health etc

Mr Lim is a Bupa Premier Consultant

Consultation fees

Initial                                £175
(30 minutes)

Follow up                         £120
(15 minutes)



Ear microsuction            £50 – £100

Nose endoscopy             £100

Throat endoscopy          £100 – £150

Hearing test                     £50 – £100

Ear pressure test            £50

Cautery to nose              £100-£150


an additional fee will be charged by the hospital for each of the above procedures, for details of
these charges please contact the clinic that you intend to visit.